Q?Fitting a Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

Hot tubs have a specific section in the 16th Edition IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) Regulations and fall into the same category as swimming pools.
When appointing an electrician to prepare your hot tub electrics check that they are a suitably qualified electrician. Do not attempt to install hot tub electrics yourself if you are not a fully qualified electrician.
The Government introduced a new law in January 2005, which demands that most electrical work in UK households is only carried out by a ‘competent’ person. This law means that Electrical safety requirements have been included in a new Part P of the Building Regulations.

Q?Outdoor Electrical Sockets

When it comes to using electric lights or appliances in the garden, long extension cords may suffice for occasional use but the long wires trailing from the garage to  the desired spot are hardly practical for everyday use. Instead, you could install a waterproof outdoor electrical outlet. This is relatively easy to do but always hire a qualified electrician if in doubt and make sure that all regulations are adhered too.

In the past it was possible for those with DIY skills to install their own sockets and electrical systems but, since 1 January 2005, Building Regulations Part P requires that, in England and Wales, only qualified electricians carry out new electrical installation work, or that work is certified by a professional when completed (special waterproof fittings must be used, even in greenhouses and sheds, as the inside of these structures can get damp). However, it is legal for those who are competent to identically replace damaged sockets, switches and light fittings, or the cable for a single circuit if it is damaged.