Outdoor Lighting

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Often outdoor lighting in Scotland is the last thought when redesigning a garden, however testimonials from our clients indicate they feel the lighting ensures a new dimension to the garden making it  more useable and significantly improving the garden aesthetics.

Garden Lighting will transform your garden, our clients across Scotland have found they get to use their gardens earlier in the spring and later into the autumn and winter due to the lighting.


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Night time transformation

By incorporating a garden lighting design at the beginning of the project you can ensure the landscaping and the lighting work seamlessly together.

If you find that the budget is not available for lighting at the beginning of your project, you can future proof a garden redesign by completing a lighting plan and installing the necessary ducts and/or conduits during the hard landscaping such that the lighting can be added at a later date with minimum fuss.


Outdoor Lighting Zones: We can also provision for multiple circuits as part of your garden lighting design, this will enable you to create different garden lighting zones. Different garden lighting zones create different moods and effects for you to enjoy